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Commercial Flagpoles

Complete your business or institution with commercial flagpoles from Flags USA. Our heavy-duty commercial flagpoles and commercial flagpole kits make it easy to display any flag you want with confidence and pride.

Flagpoles come with either an external or internal rope (halyard). The flag attaches to the halyard with snap hooks and the rope enables you to raise and lower the flag from the ground. Halyard is often made of braided polypropylene or nylon rope for strength and durability.

The halyard on an external flagpole is completely visible on the outside of the pole. The halyard on an internal flagpole is accessed by a locked door, which prevents tampering as the rope runs inside the flagpole.

A business flagpole is a dignified addition to your landscaping that’s sure to improve curb appeal. Find the perfect commercial flagpole for your building at Flags USA today.

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