Commercial Flagpoles

Enhance your business or institution with one of our Commercial Grade High-Quality Flagpoles, 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA. Our commercial flagpoles and convenient flagpole kits come with a lifetime warranty on the shaft, ensuring your flag display will add to your curb appeal year after year. Select from flagpoles with an external halyard (rope) or an internal halyard secured by a cam cleat or winch.

All our commercial flagpoles come with a halyard or pulley system that allows you to raise and lower your flag effortlessly. The flag is attached to the halyard with snap hooks. Most flagpoles use an external halyard where the rope, snap hooks, and cleat are completely visible, giving your flag display a traditional look.

Alternatively, consider a flagpole with an internal halyard. The rope runs inside the shaft behind a locked door, which prevents tampering while maintaining a sleek, streamlined appearance. Choose from an internal halyard secured with a cam cleat, a pair of spring-loaded, rope-gripping cams, or a winch.

Commercial Flagpoles with an External Halyard

Commercial Flagpoles with an Internal Halyard

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