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Heavy Duty In-Ground Flag Poles

Flags USA sells US-made flagpoles to fly your flags with confidence. All our heavy-duty flagpoles are made with quality and care so that you can proudly display your flags for years to come.

We offer two types of in-ground flagpoles: aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum is most common for our 100 percent American-made flagpoles. Aluminum flagpoles are strong, long lasting, and come in a choice of finishes. Fiberglass flagpoles are usually white, are lightweight, do not conduct electricity, and with some of our hinged base models, you may lower or remove the flagpole in the event of severe weather.

If you need help picking the right heavy-duty flagpole for your needs, give us a call at 866-879-1776. We have over thirty years of experience selling flagpoles and flagpole accessories.

955 E. Devon Avenue
Bartlett, IL 60103
Ph. (866) 879-1776
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