Air Force Flags

Celebrate the United States Air Force, the branch of the US military dedicated to flying and maintaining winning American airpower. Show support for these brave airmen by displaying one of our high-quality Air Force flags. We carry the official Air Force flag, updated in 2018, and the Air Force Wings flag, featuring the USAF symbol, a modern twist on the Hap Arnold wings with a star in a circle. This symbol honors the legacy of the Army Air Force while pointing to the technological advancement of today’s Air Force. These flags are printed on durable nylon or polyester fabric, using single reverse* construction. Like all our flags, they are 100% made in the USA.

Which Air Force Flag to Choose:

Air Force Flag with Fringe — trimmed with gold fringe and finished with a pole sleeve, this nylon flag is perfect for ceremonial and indoor displays.
Air Force Flag for Outdoor Use — Durable outdoor flags finished with a sturdy canvas and grommet heading. Choose from nylon or polyester fabric.
Blue Air Force Wings Flag — Air Force symbol on blue background. Suitable for outdoor use.
White Air Force Wings Flag — Air Force symbol on white background. Suitable for outdoor use.

*Single-reverse flags, the most common style of flag, means the design is visible on both sides of the flag, but the back is a mirror image of the front.

NOTE: Expect to replace your flag at least once a year to keep it looking its best.

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