Who Manufactures the Flags 100% Made in the USA? Everyone!

Lyneè Urban
Flags USA co-owner Lyneè Urban talks about how the American flag is for everyone, by everyone for the "100% made in the USA" video series

The American flag is for everyone, made by everyone...

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to tour one of the factories that manufactures our flags in North Carolina. What I saw when I walked into the factory absolutely took my breath away: 

Thousands of American flags all across the warehouse...

Hundreds of people individually working on each part of the flag, hand stitching the stars and stripes, and personally touching each flag before sending it to folks like us at Flags USA...

It brought me to tears to see so many people from all different backgrounds working together to create this symbol of hope and freedom.

This week, we’re sharing Part 2 of our new 4-part video series: “100% Made in the USA.”

This week's video talks about who makes our flags and what that means for our country and community.

Throughout this series, we’re telling our story, what it means to the American people and our economy when the products we buy are made here in America, and how to make sure you’re buying American flags (and other goods) that are 100% made in the USA.

Click here to watch Part 2, where I share a bit about how, when it comes to our Flags USA manufacturers, the American flag that is for everyone is truly made by everyone.

In Part 1, my co-owner Kim talked about how she joined the flag industry, what veterans and active service members taught her about what the flag means to our country, and why we're so passionate about our Flags USA values. 

Catch all 4 parts of the "100% Made in the USA" series by subscribing to our YouTube channel. I'd love to hear what you think!

Thank you for being a part of our Flags USA community,

Lyneè Urban
Co-owner, Flags USA

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