American Flag - Tough-Tex Polyester - For Outdoor Use

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At Flags USA, our Tough-Tex polyester American flags:

  • Are not only durable but are also the most colorfast of our three styles. (A comparable flag is the Standard Polyester)
  • Come with a one-year colorfast guarantee; The red won't turn orange, and the blue won't turn purple. (The guarantee does not cover wear and tear.)
  • Are 100% MADE IN THE USA — not just assembled in the USA, but manufactured here, too.
  • Are made with an open-weave, two-ply polyester material.
  • Are recommended for outdoor use.
  • Have stripes that are sewn together using a specialty thread and a durable lock stitch.
  • Embroidered stars on 3x5'-12x18' and Appliqued stars that are sewn (rather than glued) on 15x25' and larger.
  • 3x5-6x10' are finished with heading and grommets. 8x12' and larger are finished with a rope heading and two galvanized steel thimbles.
  • The 10x15' and larger flags have additional grommets in the heading:
    1 additional grommet - 10x15', 10x19', 12x18'
    3 additional grommets - 15x25', 20x30', 20x38'
    5 additional grommets - 30x50', 30x60'


CLICK HERE to see a helpful chart.


If you are flying your flag outdoors, we recommend using Beaded Retainer Rings at the bottom thimble and at every grommet. These rings distribute the stress along the whole length of the flag, which prolongs the life of the flag. (See chart below to determine quantity you will need.)


If you are purchasing a flag 8'x12' or larger, you will need to secure each thimble and grommet to the halyard (rope) using a snaphook. For flags up to 15'x25', we recommend Brass Swivel Snaphooks in the 4.75" size. For flags 20'x30' and larger, we recommend Stainless Steel Snaphooks for Large Flags. (See chart below to determine quantity you will need.)

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74 reviews for American Flag - Tough-Tex Polyester - For Outdoor Use

  1. Anonymous

    The quality of this United States flag is excellent. It flies 24/7 on pole set on a windy corner, and I only have to replace it once a year or so. It never fades and withstands all that mother nature throws at it.

  2. Rick

    Love this flag, great quality, and best of all, an American Flag made in America!



  4. Julie from California

    We live up on a hill and get a lot of wind. We usually have to replace run of the mill flags every 6-8 weeks. We are thrilled to say that we have had this flag up for almost a year and it is still flying proud and strong. No frays or tears and colors are still just a bright as the day we hung the flag. It was a little more expensive but it was well worth it. We will be back when we need another! Judy was an excellent help in choosing this flag after describing our difficulties. I intentionally waited to do this review to see if what she told me would pan out and it did!

  5. Chris

    This flag is exactly as advertised! It is beautiful! Beautifully embroidered stars and bright colors. I could not be happier!

  6. Russell L Grafton

    This is a very nice, high quality flag. Highly recommend it. And it's made in the USA!

  7. Anonymous

    Have been flown the Tough Fag for over 3 years. We live in the Southern Cal and between the 55+ mile a hour winds and the 90+ degree weather we have been very happy with the way it has held up.

  8. Ronald Timmons

    You can tell by the feel that this Flag is made to last. It's bright colors really stand out. I searched for the best & longest lasting & this was at the top.

  9. Allen (verified owner)

    After 5 months of 24 hour use it’s pretty faded and needs replaced. Just FYI for those that are looking to buy.

  10. Tom (verified owner)

    These are the best buy ever ! they out last big box store flags !
    This is the 3rd flag i've purchased in the last five years,as they last about 1 1/2 years and are stilll not torn or ripped, just a little faded.
    Great quality and great service.

  11. Art Wayland (verified owner)

    As a Veteran this flags colors are superb. This heavy flag holds up in the wind. It is Beautiful to display. It is raised at sunup and lowered at sundown. Very impressed. It will be interesting to see if it holds its beauty. This is my fourth flag in 2 years.

  12. chris (verified owner)

    Happy with this purchase. Can't imagine flying a flag not made in the USA!

  13. John Spann (verified owner)

    I could see and feel the quality of this Old Glory as I proudly hoisted the flag up the pole. Best made flag yet!

  14. Daniel E Margulies (verified owner)

    So far so good. It has only been up a few days and it looks fantastic.....might be a 5 star.....we'll see!

  15. Reba carter (verified owner)

    This flag is awesome. The stitching is of great quality. I love the way the flag attaches to the pole. Just a beautiful flag.

  16. Kevin Koepke (verified owner)

    Great products. I will be a returning costumer.

  17. Richard (verified owner)

    Looks great, flys great!

  18. JEN (verified owner)

    We have had many flags but this is by far the best. It is sturdier than I thought.

  19. William Siefker (verified owner)

    Nice Flag

  20. Carlos Becerra (verified owner)

    My wife and I love the new "Tough-Tex" American Flag. We just had two days of winds gusting up to 40-50 mph and the flag held up tough as nails. Great product. Now I know where to purchase future flags.

  21. chris harris (verified owner)

    Extremely well. Made. Rugged with vivid colors. Great to deal with a family-run American business! I can't imagine who would buy an American flag that was made in china!

  22. SHARON SIMS (verified owner)

    Glad I purchased from your company.

  23. Bryan Garrett (verified owner)

    American made product.

  24. Al (verified owner)

    Looks great. We'll see how it holds up to the Arizona sun.

  25. Sylvia McCormick (verified owner)

    Lovely heavy duty flag that looks great on my flag pole

  26. L N Thomas (verified owner)

    The workmanship is to notch, especially the amount of stitching used in its construction. The colors are very vibrant and seems to scream out "patriotism". I am very proud to have this flag waving from my flagpole!
    A minor concern, the amount of embroidery of the stars could be a more substantial.

  27. SPC (verified owner)

    We have been using the 6' x 10' Tough-Tex style flag since 2017 and it has drastically cut down on our need to replace flags because of its durability. We get about 6 months of life out of each flag with 24x7 use on our 35ft flag pole.

  28. Jeanne (verified owner)

    We love the 2 flags we ordered. They arrived earlier than expected too. We live in the high desert of NM so we’re very curious to see how the flags stand up to high altitude heat and strong winds. They look to be very well made and we live that they’re made in the USA!

  29. Kim Jackson (verified owner)

    Great quality and best of all its made in America

  30. Diane (verified owner)

    We have ordered this flag before and it’s a quality item. Also, made in the USA, as it should be!

  31. Darlene Alvord (verified owner)

    We are very happy with the new flag.

  32. Scot (verified owner)

    Nick product. Super speedy shipping.

  33. Dale Farnsworth (verified owner)

    Great quality and waves proudly.

  34. Lori A Gerthoffer (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, construction & durability. Thank you for making it In the USA!

  35. Shilo C. Frankart (verified owner)

    Thank you

  36. Susan Borodemos (verified owner)

    Great outdoor flag and very well made!

  37. Laura Dwelley (verified owner)

    This is great! I've tried other flags on the corner of my house and was constantly having to unwind them from the wind. This one stays put and I'm sure will last for years - where the others (made of nylon) only lasted a few months!

  38. Stephen James Fulton (verified owner)

    The flag is beautiful and flows in the breeze nicely.
    The colors are deep and rich.
    I'm very happy with the upgrade.

  39. Kevin Marsh

    Its beautiful!!!

  40. Brent (verified owner)

    Excellent quality would definitely purchase again

  41. Janet Petorock (verified owner)

    This was a replacement for a flag I got from FlagsUSA a couple years ago that had faded a bit. Beautifully made, the vibrant colors shine so well. This is my favorite place to buy USA made American flags.

  42. George Guinn (verified owner)

    Very well made flag. Proud to fly it.

  43. Fred (verified owner)

    looks coarser but should hold up better

  44. GARY TICKNER (verified owner)

    flag seems to be well made will be interested to see how it holds up in wind but so far pleased

  45. Sanford Jackson (verified owner)

    This is a replacement for one we have had for over two years living on the coast. The old flag was in great shape however the Florida sun takes a toll on the color. This replacement looks great and was easy to order with quick shipping. Would recommend these flags to anyone wanting a quality flag for indoors or out.

  46. Deloris Horn (verified owner)

    Great item for the price.

  47. Brian G McLean (verified owner)

    This Tough-Tex flag is well made in the USA and will last a few years. I have a similar flag which I purchased a few years ago which is faded and starting to fray, so its time to retire the old one a fly a new flag on my new flag pole.

  48. Randy (verified owner)

    Sharp looking, well made, heavy duty but not too heavy to fly.

  49. Jamee Brennan (verified owner)

    We were extremely pleased with the quality of our American made flag. I will be ordering from flagsUSA exclusively going forward 🙂

  50. Kelly (verified owner)

    Vibrant color , fly's in low wind , as for the durability I only had the flag flying for 4 days

  51. Patricia Ward (verified owner)

    We live in the south with high winds and lots of rain. The nylon flag that came with our 30' flag pole lasted 2 months.

    The Tough-Tex flag is beautiful. The seams are sewn perfectly, the stars are beautiful, the colors are vibrant and crisp. It's definitely a keeper!

    We hope to get many many years of use out of it. Maybe they should ask for a review in 12 months.

    Oh...and the shipping was quick so we were able to swap the cheap with the beautiful.

  52. Kenneth Ray (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied with the new American Flag. Very sturdy and the colors are very bright. Fast shipping. Will buy again when needed.

  53. Teri Stanbro

    These flags may cost a bit more, but they are excellent quality for outdoors, especially in high wind areas like Anchorage, Alaska. They last longer under high winds. The colors don’t fade, the grommets of good quality and the sewing is excellent.

  54. Tim Leidig (verified owner)

    Great firm to work with. Thank you.

  55. Steve M. (verified owner)

    I own two of the polyester tough-tex flags, they are far and above the best quality flags I've ever owned. I'll never buy at a big box store l, or Amazon for that matter, ever again. You cannot substitute the quality of American made, period.

  56. Jim (verified owner)

    Extremely happy. I received my order the next day. It had a personal note in it. Put the flag up at my church and everyone loves how it looks.

  57. Elvin Zapata

    Quality flag. My previous flag lasted three years. No tears just fading of colors. Still good product.

  58. peter tyra (verified owner)

    GREAT ! ---- Thanks

  59. Jim (verified owner)

    Looks great and feels tough. Hope it lasts many years.

  60. William Doak (verified owner)

    In Florida the sun will fade the colors after a year. But no tears or damage of any type. This is great as I fly out colors every Day. Even during hurricane season. Thanks for the quality made in the USA flag.

  61. Ted (verified owner)

    The flag appears to be of real good quality compared to the previous one I bought. It is heavy duty construction for outdoor use in windy conditions. I highly recommend it.

  62. Dave (verified owner)

    One small thing. Lots of information on the receipt about the company but know where did I see thanks for your order.

  63. Christopher Wolfe (verified owner)

    Don’t know yet just bought it. Ask in a yeat

  64. Charles Hatchell (verified owner)

    First off, I have over the years bought many flags to display outside on my house and seems like every year I have to buy another one account each one seems to get lighter account of losing their color and also gets lighter & flimsy because the material used is cheap and actually worthless after a year of being outside in the weather. I have to say that it is mainly my fault account of buying cheap stuff trying to save a little money and in the end it shows . That is why I wanted to come here and leave a Review on the Tough-Tex-Polyester flag that I purchased , This has got to be the # 1 flag I have ever bought and I could tell that as soon as I received it and opened it up. This flag is so well made and the colors are beautiful , I can tell right now that it will be giving me a good chance of keeping it up without any concerns of wearing out or looking poorly for a long time. If you are looking for a well made ( American Made ) flag for your home or office then this is the flag AND the place to buy from . I will not hesitate at all from buying all my flags from this business in the future. Charles Hatchell.

  65. Herb (verified owner)

    I just put it up, but I think it’s gonna be a good one.

  66. George Whetzel

    I have purchased other flags over the years and the quality just hasn't been very good. I decided to purchase this flag for one thing, it is manufactured in the USA. Another reason is the quality and durability reviews I found on this flag. I an very interested in seeing how well this flag will hold up.

  67. Republic County Historical Museum (verified owner)

    We ordered Tough Tex American flags as we fly Old Glory 24/7 under the lights. A beautiful new flag now fly's proudly and we are sure it will do so for a long time to come.

  68. Daniel Kucera (verified owner)

    Quality of flag met all my expectations.

  69. Joe Rengel (verified owner)

    We are extremely happy with this flag. It is far superior to the nylon $20 flags found in most stores. The stitching and quality of the flag material is far superior to any flag I've ever owned. Our beautiful colors are alive and vibrant. We live in a harsh desert environment and this is clearly "the right tool for the job." When the time comes I won't hesitate to purchase another one just like it. I would enthusiastically recommend this flag to anyone needing a new one. Also I am proud to support a long-time American company producing a clearly superior product.

  70. Connie (verified owner)

    Beautiful well-made flag with bright colors! I expect it to last many years! It hangs on my front porch for all to see!

  71. john lux (verified owner)

    awesome ! ! great quality and quick delivery

  72. Kevin H (verified owner)

    Looks great… service….great price…made in the USA!!!!

  73. Gardner W. Carter Jr. (verified owner)

    First, it got here faster than I expected. Next, it's better made than anything I have bought before. I'm expecting this to be quite durable.

  74. Mark (verified owner)

    1st flag I bought lasted way longer than nylon. Colors last a long time as well. It finally ripped when it got caught and wrapped up on my pole, it was time for a new one anyway. Just ordered again. I also add, it is a pleasure to buy here from an American company. Flags from Wally world and other corps. are made in China and it shows too. Why do we even allow that? I know one of the northern states doesn't.

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3'x5' thru 6'x10'2-12-

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