Why "100% Made in the USA" Flags Matter To Me

Kim Dacka
Kim Dacka, in front of Flags USA, in the "100% made in the USA" flag series

Did you know that when a flags says “made in America” that doesn’t mean it was 100% sourced, manufactured, and completed here in the USA? 

There’s a big difference between when a flag is “made in America” (where elements may be produced overseas and shipped to the states for finishing touches) vs. “100% made in the USA.” 

At Flags USA, we’re deeply passionate about only selling flags that are 100% sourced, manufactured, and completed domestically. And we want to tell you why this matters so much to us.

So this week, we’re sharing Part 1 of our 4-part video series: “100% Made in the USA.” 

Throughout this series, we’re sharing a bit of our story, what it means to our communities and our economy when the products we buy are made here in the USA, and how to make sure you’re buying 100% US-made flags (and other goods). 

In Part 1, I talk a little bit about how I joined the flag industry, what veterans and active service members taught me about what the flag means to our country, the meaning of the flag to me personally, and why I’m so passionate about our Flags USA values. 

Catch all 4 parts of the "100% made in the USA" series by subscribing to our YouTube channel. I'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you,

Kim Dacka
Flags USA co-owner

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