Tips for Using Flags at Business Events and Conferences

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Flags add a sense of professionalism when incorporated into business conferences. They demonstrate a company’s values and create a positive environment for those involved. If you’re planning a business event or conference, continue reading for some tips for incorporating flags!

Tips for using flags at business events and conferences 1
Tips for Using Flags at Business Events and Conferences 2

Representing Each Company

Business events and conferences held in large open spaces may be confusing. Which business sits at which booth? Where can I find this designated area? Where can I talk with my peers?

One helpful tip is to use custom-made flags to represent each business at the conference. Whenever an attendee feels lost, all they must do is look around for a banner flag with the company’s name on it to easily reach their destination.

Flags Can Create a Positive Atmosphere

Setting the tone of the event is a necessity. Depending on the type of business, you may want events to be serious and professional. Alternatively, you may prefer to create a light-hearted, welcoming atmosphere. Either way, decor can transform the space.

One feature that can define the room is a wall decorated with flags. An American flag or a custom flag representing each business is a good use of space that can create a more approachable and inviting environment for attendees.

Following Flag Etiquette

Flag etiquette describes the guidelines to properly honor a nation’s flag. Custom-made business flags aren’t the only flags conferences typically display. You may also find a section of American flags, military flags, and many others.

Before placing any of these flags on a stand at an event, it’s important to check the flag etiquette to ensure you’re treating each flag with the utmost respect.

  1. The American flag on the speaker’s right: When there’s a speaker at a podium, the American flag always sits on the speaker’s right or the observer’s left.
  2. Flags should never touch anything beneath them: No matter if the flag sits on staff or hangs on a flagpole, it should never touch the ground beneath it. Flags must be treated with honor. A flag touching the ground is considered a sign of disrespect.
  3. The American flag sits in the middle: In a group of flags displayed on staff, the American flag always sits in the center. Any other flags will sit to the left and right of the American flag. It should sit slightly higher above the other flags to demonstrate its glory.

Now that you’re familiar with some tips for using flags at business events and conferences, you can begin to plan how you’ll arrange your next important event.

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