The Role of the American Flag in Pop Culture and Media

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A powerful symbol of patriotism and the nation’s history. A symbol any American citizen can recognize in less than a second.

The role of the american flag in pop culture and media
The Role of the American Flag in Pop Culture and Media 3

From the beginning, the American flag has represented freedom and justice. And it still does to this day.

The first American flag represented the new union of the thirteen states. The flag’s meaning remains the same, but it now soars through the air representing the 50 states with its 50 stars.

As technology advances and the nation changes, the American flag appears more prominently on the screen instead of just as a flag on a flagpole in town. You never have to search too hard to see the Stars and Stripes.

The role of the American flag has grown due to pop culture and media. While the flag generally remains the same in social media and movies, the meaning and symbolism of what the flag represents have continued to evolve since its inception. Continue reading to learn about the American flag and the role it plays within the media of the United States.

Positive Portrayals in Movies and Television Shows

While America has changed a lot in the nearly 250 years since it became a country, the flag still plays a part in many works of fiction, very visibly so in movies and TV. Creative minds have developed a diverse collection of film and TV projects, and the vast majority of them use the flag as a positive symbol of what this country has done and continues to do.

The American flag is primarily featured in movies and TV shows that have a story based upon the military, war, or law enforcement officers, and in storylines that communicate the history of the country. While the specific subject matter of each work differs, they all like to use the flag in the same way—as a symbol of the courage and sacrifice of American heroes.

You might witness scenes of law enforcement or military personnel funerals that portray the American flag. This is one of the most honorable messages within this film genre because it demonstrates the sacrifice made by men and women who risked their lives to protect and serve.

Pop culture and media promote a vast array of ideas, and in film and TV, the American flag plays an important role in conveying patriotic themes.

A Symbol of Unity Within the Media

Bad things happen in our country each day. But in times of trouble, coming together to grieve and create a positive impact is what America strives to do.

The American flag is a unifying symbol that allows Americans to connect on a deeper level. No matter their differences, when tragedy strikes, the flag and what it stands for can bring people together.

You may notice companies or government representatives posting on their websites or social media accounts, incorporating features of the American flag with a heartfelt message. This demonstrates that they stand with those affected by a tragedy.

The American flag makes people feel less alone. Technology allows the entire country to come together, and incorporating the American flag into these types of social media posts can create an even deeper connection.

The Emergence of Thin Line Flags

Thin line flags are variations of the American flag that retain the same pattern but consist of different colors. These flags incorporate shades of gray and black, or black and white, accompanied by one horizontal line of a different color.

The emergence of this flag type began with the thin blue line flag in the 2010s. The inherent symbol of freedom and justice is in the design of the Stars and Stripes themselves, and the royal blue line represents support for police and law enforcement officers.

Civilians use the flag to show their support for law enforcement officers. You might see homes with thin line flags flying outside, cars with thin line flag window decals, or social media posts that include the flag. When times are tough, it’s comforting to know that people are standing behind our law enforcement and acknowledging their sacrifices for the country.

The thin blue line flag isn’t the only thin line flag out there. There are many different line colors that represent the courageous people who work tirelessly to help the country. Here’s a list of the most common thin line flags used in the media today:

  • Thin Blue Line—Police and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Thin Green Line—Federal Agents
  • Thin Gold Line—Emergency Dispatchers
  • Thin Silver Line—Corrections Officers
  • Thin Orange Line—Search and Rescue Personnel

The Likeness of the American Flag Used by Elected Officials

The American flag is a symbol of freedom and justice. When the time comes to elect new officials for the country—whether it’s a federal, state, or local election—you’ll see the likeness of the American flag all around.

No one can use the image of the flag for trademark or advertising purposes. However, candidates can use the same colors and similar patterns to convey the likeness of the American flag. Perhaps a photo of a particular candidate has an animated background of red, white, and blue stripes. Or maybe it’s a circular image of red with white stars and a photo in front of that backdrop.

Many creative solutions allow political candidates to portray themselves as the candidate who will best serve the country. Despite not directly showing the flag, their messages still connect with Americans.

The candidate’s goals are for citizens to see the candidate as a positive symbol of the United States, just as the flag represents. A person you can trust. A person who wants to better the nation founded on freedom and justice. By using the likeness of the American flag, a candidate indicates that they will uphold those values.

Many nations continue to grow and learn from the past. One thing America has held dear since the nation separated from British rule is the symbol of the American flag.

The flag has been present for every moment of America’s history, and the American flag’s role in pop culture and media continues to see advancements. This national symbol creates deeper connections through all of the good and bad occurrences in life.

Demonstrate your patriotism with an American-made American flag from Flags USA. No matter how technology improves and the nation grows, the flag will always be an unwavering symbol of the United States of America.

The role of the american flas in pop culture and media
The Role of the American Flag in Pop Culture and Media 4

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