Signs Your Commercial Flagpole Needs To Be Repaired

Kim Dacka

Signs your commercial flagpole needs to be repaired

A commercial flagpole is one of the best additions you can invest in for your business or organization because it’s an effective way to draw customers’ attention. However, these commercial flagpoles are not indestructible—like everything else, they wear down over time. Fortunately, there are signs that your commercial flagpole needs to be repaired. As the owner of that flagpole, you must be on the lookout for those signs so you can keep it in the best condition possible.

Leaning Flagpole

One of the worst and most obvious signs that there is something wrong with your flagpole is that it is leaning. Flagpoles are meant to stand tall and straight, so anything other than this form is a reasonable sign of damage or wear. If your flagpole is leaning, schedule an inspection as soon as possible to find out why.

An expert can identify whether the soil around the flag is eroding or naturally shifting. Alternatively, they may determine that someone or something hit your flagpole. Either way, you should adjust the soil and foundation around your flagpole to ensure the problem is resolved and that something similar won’t happen again anytime soon.

Damaged Halyard

Another sign that there’s an issue with your flagpole is a damaged halyard. The halyard is the rope located on the inside or outside of the flagpole to which you connect the flag. It’s an important component of any flagpole, but the halyard can fray if you’re not careful. Try to check on your halyard once a week, as the constant pulling to raise and lower your flag can cause damage. If you need to replace a damaged halyard, keep in mind that this could indicate another problem with the flagpole. Damage to your halyard could mean an issue with the pulley, which would lead to prematurely fraying your halyard. Be sure to inspect your pulley when replacing your halyard.

Weather Damage

Weather damage is another sign you should look for with your flagpole. Enough rain, wind, and snow can lead to early wear and corrosion on the flagpole. While this is common, it doesn’t mean weather effects are something you can let slide. This damage adds up, and in addition to your flagpole not looking the best, bolts and screws could eventually break, causing your entire flagpole to fall. Carefully watch for these signs of damage so you can address them before they age your flagpole prematurely.

A commercial flagpole is great for your business, but it won’t last forever without proper care and maintenance. Look for these signs your commercial flagpole needs to be repaired, make those repairs, and watch that flagpole stand tall for years.

In order to fly your flags, you need a quality flagpole. If you’re interested in adding a flagpole or upgrading your existing pole, check out Flags USA to find the perfect heavy-duty commercial flagpole. These flagpoles not only look good, but they are sturdy and will continue to stand strong with the proper maintenance and repairs.

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