Complete State Sets

Many events, such as ceremonies and parades, require the organizers to display every state flag. They’re important for highlighting every person from every state in America, but it isn’t easy to find flags for every state. That is unless you know where to look. Here at Flags USA, we offer complete state flag sets, all of the same size and quality, so your event can represent all citizens with a clean, uniform look. All 50 state flags have unique designs, and it’s important that you have them present at any event you’re hosting or for decorating official spaces. In addition to having the flags, you want them to be of the highest quality, something you can count on in our complete state flag sets. Flags USA will take care of all your flag needs! 50 STATE FLAG COMPLETE SETS provides State Flags that are 100% MADE IN THE USA and conform to official state specifications. STATE FLAG SETS come complete with one each of the 50 nylon state flags. Choose for your set to be finished with heading and grommets, a pole sleeve or a pole sleeve with fringe. OUTDOOR NYLON STATE FLAG SETS are: • Digitally printed on the same 200 denier nylon fabric as our U.S. flags. • Finished with a strong canvas heading and 2 brass grommets. INDOOR STATE FLAG SETS are: • Used for ceremonies, in parades, or indoors in auditoriums, in courtrooms, on stages, or on podiums. • Digitally printed on the same 200 denier nylon fabric as our outdoor U.S flags. • Finished with a pole sleeve and gold fringe or with a pole sleeve only (without fringe). The pole sleeve (or hem) slides onto any of our indoor flagpoles and a small tab sewn inside the sleeve is used to attach the flag to the pole. • The fringe is not colorfast to the elements nor stitched to withstand windy conditions, therefore not recommended to be used as outdoor flags.

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