Grave Marker Flags

Grave marker flags, also known as cemetery flags, are a profound tribute to the veterans, service members, and First Responders who have bravely served their communities and the nation. American flags, in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, are placed at the final resting places of those who have sacrificed for their country. A firefighter flag is also available. Their fluttering presence stirs up feelings of respect and gratitude, ensuring that the memory of those who have served is honored within the community.

Our high-quality, 100%-made-in-the-USA Grave Marker Flags are available in hemmed or unhemmed options and in two sizes. Hemmed flags feature stitching along the edges, ensuring resilience against wear and tear, while unhemmed flags have a no-fray finish. Each flag is printed on a fade-resistant polyester-cotton blend and mounted on a natural wood dowel with a gold spear tip. In addition, we offer a smaller hand-held version of the unhemmed flags that are perfect for giving out at community events. Grave marker and hand-held flags are sold per gross (144 flags) in convenient packaging. Fight fighter flags are sold by the dozen.

Grave Marker Flags:

  • Hemmed Grave Marker Flags — Cotton-Polyester material is hemmed for maximum durability. Available sizes are 8"x12" flags (on 24" gold tipped dowel) and 12"x18" flags (on 30" gold-tipped dowel)
  • Unhemmed Grave Marker Flags — made with no-fray material in 8"x12" (on 24" dowel) and 12"x18" (on 30" gold dowel), both topped with gilt spear tip)
  • Handheld American Flags — made with no-fray material in 4"x6" mounted on 10" natural wood dowel with no top.
  • Grave Marker Flag — Fireman — hemmed 12”x18” firefighter flag mounted on a 30” dowel
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