How Often Should You Replace Your American Flag?

Kim Dacka
Blog on: How Often Should You Replace Your American Flag?

Not every outdoor flag will last forever. The good news is that once it loses its luster, you can purchase a new American flag to fly at home. Continue reading to learn about what causes outdoor flags to deteriorate and how often you should replace your American flag!

How often should you replace your american flag
How Often Should You Replace Your American Flag? 2

The Most Common Signs of Wear

Flags weather naturally, so let’s discuss the leading causes of their deterioration.

Fading From the Sun

Leaving any item out in the sun for too long will cause it to fade. The same idea also applies to outdoor flags!

Strong UV rays from the sun shine down on the flag’s fabric. It weathers the bright red, white, and blue colors. Over time, you’ll notice the once vibrant flag has lost its luster.

Fraying From the Wind

Aggressive winds whip your outdoor flag in all directions. If you leave your flag flying high on days with high-speed winds, you may notice the flag coming apart at the seams more quickly.

The fabric may start to fray on the edges. This means the fabric is now compromised, so it may not be safe to fly outdoors any longer. You can cut away the loose threads, but the best thing to do is to monitor the weather or replace the flag entirely.

Deteriorating From Dirt and Debris

The last culprits that will damage your American flag are dirt and debris. Whether it’s layers of tree sap, pieces of leaves and dirt stuck to the surface, or deep undefinable stains, it might be time to say goodbye to your current flag.

You can clean outdoor flags by hand or with a washing machine. If the damage is deeply embedded within the material, a simple wash won’t undo the hardships the flag endured. Instead, it’s best to buy a new one!

When Should You Replace It?

It’s a general rule that you should replace an outdoor American flag every six months to a year, depending on its quality and appearance. Some flags might need replacing as soon as 90 days if you fly them regularly.

Consider keeping two American flags to stay prepared for any situation. One may act as a backup flag, or you can swap the flags each week. Using this method allows you to interchange your USA-made flags and stay ready if one falls apart quicker than the other.

With your bright, new American flag, you can once again proudly honor this great nation!

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