The Different Types of Advertising Flags

Kim Dacka

The different types of advertising flags

Custom flags are fantastic for spreading your logo and communicating messages. Whether you’re marking your spot at events or handing out flags to potential customers, there are plenty of ways to advertise your business through flags. As with any marketing investment, you must consider your options and needs before settling on the right type of flag for your campaign. To help you make an informed decision, here’s our guide to the different types of advertising flags.


Outdoor banners let you promote your business in other parts of the community. Whether you’re advertising along the city’s busiest streets or expanding your display at a market or fair, banners are an attractive way to do it.

Avenue Banners

Avenue banners display on light poles or other streetside fixtures. These banners are usually smaller, but they hang in prime viewing spots for hundreds or even thousands of commuters each day. Avenue banners are double-sided, durable, and classy. They’re a great way to promote throughout the community and establish your business as a trusted local brand.

Teardrop Banners

Having teardrop banners is a fun and unique way to show off your business at events. The sleek teardrop design catches the eye without taking up too much space. This banner is perfect for standing out at tradeshows or community events. You can also use teardrop banners outdoors. The teardrop shape and heavy-duty poles make them reliably wind resistant, so they’re perfect for outdoor markets, fairs, and similar opportunities.

Mini Flags

Branded handouts make for great promotional materials. Of the different types of advertising flags, mini flags are some of the most wonderfully creative options. Miniature flags are fun and easy products to give out at events. Kids might not care what the flag says, but they’ll have fun waving it around wherever they go. Meanwhile, adults will see different mini flags floating around and notice your business. Plus, miniature flags roll up until they take only a tiny amount of space, making them a convenient branding tool to give out during events.

Flutter Flags

When you want a durable flag that’s easy to set up, turn to flutter flags. These flags feature rounded corners that allow them to continuously move with the wind without fraying. Flutter flags are fast and easy to set up or take down, giving you the mobility and versatility that you need to display your brand wherever you go.

At Flags USA, we make it easy to find the perfect advertising flag for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our branded flags.

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