How To Design a Custom Flag for Your Business

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How to design a custom flag for your business

Business flags are tried-and-true marketing solutions. Whether you’re turning attention to your commercial property or attracting passersby at a fair or trade show, there’s no denying the power of a well-crafted custom flag.

As with any form of advertising, the success of your custom flag revolves around its design. Creative branding, clear layouts, and smart color usage are just a few of the qualities to keep in mind when making your custom business flag. Learn more about how to design a custom flag for your business with these tips and guidelines.

The Advantages of a Well-Designed Flag

There are many reasons to invest in a well-designed custom flag for your business. Though flags are more traditional forms of marketing, they still hold their own among digital marketing methods, email campaigns, and other forms of modern advertisement.

A major reason for this is that flags are a one-time investment that can continue to serve you across many years and events. This is especially true if you create a more general design that isn’t specific to any single purpose. Displaying your business flag on your commercial property, at trade shows, during community events, and more allows you to make the most of your design over the years.

Consistent branding is another advantage of custom flags. A flag that flies outside your business is on display every hour of every day. Flags create an ongoing promotional opportunity that targets anyone who passes by your business.

Define Your Flag’s Purpose

Your flag’s design depends on what you want to use it for. Will your custom flag fly permanently outside your storefront? Are you creating a design to capture attention at a trade show? Would you like to promote your brand at community events? By clearly defining the purpose of your flag, you can create an effective design that fulfills those goals.

For example, if you want to promote your business at a trade show, you can use a flag that targets other industry members rather than your typical consumers. Alternatively, if you want a flag that you can use at many different events, keep the design more general so that you can use it again and again. Your business name and logo are great for promoting yourself without tying your flag to a specific event.

Choose Your Type of Flag

Custom flags come in various shapes and sizes. Again, knowing your flag’s purpose will help you determine what type of flag is right for you. Banners and flutter flags are great for capturing attention at events or other locations beyond your commercial property. Taller flags like blade banners or teardrop banners are perfect for standing out among big crowds. You can also create miniature flags to hand out as merch at various events.

The type of flag you choose will determine the size and spacing of your design. For example, tall banners call for a more vertical design that fits within their shape. You’ll also want to create a more simplistic and straightforward design so that people can understand it from far away. Miniature flags, on the other hand, can be more detailed since viewers will be closer to them.

Single or Double Sided?

Another detail to decide is whether your flag should be single or double sided. Single-sided flags only show your design on one side. As a result, it gets mirrored on the reverse side. Single-sided flags work well for more simplistic or symmetrical designs that passersby can still recognize when reversed. This option also works if people will mostly see your flag from one side.

If you have a more complicated design or have more text in it, then a double-sided flag might be the better option for you. Double-sided flags have the design printed on both sides so that you see the same image from every angle. This option suits complex patterns or flags that passersby will view from multiple sides.

Keep Text Clear and Concise

Your flag is a way to share your business’s message or purpose. While you want your flag to be informative, take care not to make the design too crowded or complex. Too much text muddles the image and makes it hard to read. Big, bold lettering is easy to see over long distances and can display a clear and concise message for passersby. Think of short phrases, such as a business motto or tagline, that can promote who you are and what you do without taking up too much room.

Choose Your Font Wisely

Font choice is an essential part of how to design a custom flag for your business. Don’t feel tempted by fancy fonts that have lots of flair and intricacy. While these can be attractive up close, they won’t be legible from far away. Instead, go with classic or modern fonts that feature clear, straight lines. Avoid combining fonts, too. Using a single font gives your design a uniform look that’s easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

Prioritize Good Color Combinations

Poor color usage can make your design hard to look at. If your font color doesn’t stand out from your background colors, no one will be able to read it from a distance. Moreover, overly bright or aggressive colors can create eye strain and make your design unappealing to people who see it.

Create an effective and attractive design by paying attention to your color combinations. Use dark fonts on light backgrounds, or vice versa, to make your text clear and legible. You should also incorporate colors from your branding to create a professional and uniform look that aligns with the rest of your business imagery. Finally, make sure the colors of your design match the atmosphere of the event where you’ll fly your flag. For example, avoid using bright neon colors at a serious and formal business event.

Choose a Quality Supplier

The right supplier makes all the difference. When you purchase your custom business flag, choose a reliable partner that can meet your needs and deliver high-quality results. Flags USA sells custom-made flags in a versatile range of shapes and styles. We print all our custom flags in full color with zero set-up charges. Make a decision you can count on by choosing the custom flags at Flags USA.

How to design a custom flag for your business

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