Easily Attach a Flag to a Flagpole With These Tips

Kim Dacka

Easily attach a flag to a flagpole with these tips

If you’re going to display a flag outside your home or business properly, you need to attach it to a flagpole. There are different kinds of flagpoles that serve various settings and purposes. Each type of flagpole requires different hardware to fly flags. Knowing your way around your flagpole makes installing and flying your flag easier. Learn how to easily attach a flag to a flagpole with these tips.

Using Building-Mounted Flagpoles

One common way to display a flag is with a building-mounted flagpole. These attach to the side of a building at a 45-degree angle. Building-mounted flagpoles are particularly popular outside of homes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using building-mounted flagpoles:

  • Make sure you have the correct type of flag. Polyester flags are heavier and might damage the flagpole, so look for durable yet lightweight nylon flags instead.
  • You’ll need a sturdy bracket to attach to the outside of the building.
  • Use a spinning pole that can rotate and prevent the flag from becoming tangled around the pole.

With the correct hardware on hand, attaching your flag to the pole is easy. Your flagpole should come with plastic rings that slide onto the pole. Slide one ring onto the top part of the flagpole, screw the top grommet of your flag onto the ring, then repeat the process with the second ring and the bottom grommet.

Using In-Ground Flagpoles

Another option is a sturdy in-ground flagpole. Residential and commercial properties can both use in-ground flagpoles to fly their flags. Because of their height, in-ground flagpoles use a halyard system to raise and lower the flag. You can have either an external halyard with ropes that you can manage outside of the flagpole or an internal halyard with ropes within the flagpole to prevent damage.

Both internal and external halyards operate in the same way. The halyard consists of durable braided rope on a pulley system that allows you to raise and lower the flag. The flag attaches with swivel snap hooks.

First, measure the distance between the grommets of your flag, so you know how far apart your snap hooks should be. Attach the snap hooks by threading the rope through the eye, then over the top of the hook. Pull the rope taut to secure the hook. Once your snap hooks are in place, clip your flag to the rope and use the halyard to raise it.

Make Attaching Your Flag Easy

Learning how to attach your flag to the pole is a matter of understanding what kind of flagpole you have and what hardware you need. One of the best tips for easily attaching a flag to a flagpole is to purchase a flagpole kit. Flagpole kits come with all the hardware you need to easily install the pole and fly your flag.

Make displaying your flag easy when you shop the commercial flagpole kits at Flags USA. From our flags to the hardware necessary to fly them— all our products are made right here in the United States. Visit us today to find the quality products you need to display your flag and make your business look great.

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