Best Locations to Hang a Custom Flag In Your Home

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Best places to hang a custom flag in your home - Flags USA - little boy holds American flag as he jumps on the bed
Best places to hang a custom flag in your home - flags usa - little boy holds american flag as he jumps on the bed

A custom flag is a special token that represents something uniquely important to you. It’s an item that has a strong, emotional meaning. When creating a custom flag with so much value, you want to protect it by keeping it indoors.

If you’ve found the right custom flag that completes your decor, then continue reading to learn about the best locations to hang a custom flag in your home.


Hanging a custom flag in your bedroom will allow the flag to be the focal point of the room. It will enhance and bring together the bedroom’s decor. Whether you place the flag in a picture frame or shadow frame or even hang the flag on the wall, it can be a great addition to the room.

Living Room

One of the best locations to hang a custom flag in your home is in the living room. The living room is the centerpiece of the home. It’s where friends and family gather for events and make memories. Hanging a custom flag in your living room is a great conversation starter. It’s a way to tell the story behind the flag and share memories with your loved ones.

Home Office

Your home office may be the perfect place to put your custom flag. Maybe you designed a flag that was very personal and meaningful, and it’s something to admire as you work during the day. Adding a custom flag to your home office can bring more life to the space. It can be eye-catching and a centerpiece that you can appreciate while getting some work done.

Flags are a great way to display individuality and patriotism and represent something that is important to you. Flags USA provides custom embroidered flags and custom-printed flags that are incredible options to display indoors.

Remember, there are many design opportunities when it comes to decorating your home with your flag. No matter where you choose to display your new custom flag, its significance will shine in any room in your home.

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