4 Fun Facts About the Indiana State Flag

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4 Fun Facts About the Indiana State Flag
4 fun facts about the indiana state flag

There’s something to love about each state in the Midwest, and that includes Indiana. This Hoosier state has been around for a little over 200 years at this point, and in that time, it has only had two flags. The current flag has been around since 1917 and currently sports a gold torch surrounded by 19 stars on a dark blue background. Read on to learn four fun facts about the Indiana state flag you should know to get a better appreciation for this state and this wonderful flag.

Unchanging Design

As we already touched on, Indiana has had only two flags since its introduction. And since the state adopted the newer design in 1917, it hasn’t changed. Plenty of other states have changed their designs numerous times, like Georgia, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Indiana is one state that’s only changed its flag once.

Paul Hadley designed the flag, and it was originally an entrant into the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) contest. The previous flag was never official and featured just the state seal. Indiana has used Hadley’s design for over 100 years now.

19 Stars

The Indiana flag has 19 stars, and while it is a weird number, there’s a reason behind it. Indiana wasn’t one of the original states at the country’s founding, but it wasn’t long before it became the nineteenth US state. To celebrate that fact, the Indiana flag has 19 stars encircling its iconic torch.

13-Star Outer Loop

13 of the 19 stars sit on an outer loop, and there’s a reason for this beyond the aesthetic symmetry they provide. These stars represent the 13 original colonies that founded of the US. Unlike the US flag, the original colonies are represented by stripes, the Indiana flag chooses stars. The additional five inner stars symbolize the states between the colonies and Indiana, and the largest star sitting above the torch represents Indiana itself.

Significance of the Torch

The stars celebrate Indiana’s statehood, but what is the significance of the torch? The torch is more of a symbol of the ideas behind Indiana’s founding. The torch represents liberty and enlightenment, and the rays coming out of the torch symbolize the influence of those ideas.

There’s a lot to love about these Indiana state flag fun facts, and they hopefully give you a better appreciation for Indiana and its history. This state has been around for a long time, and if you’re interested in flying an Indiana flag to show your support and pride, then come to Flags USA! We’ve got all the different state flags for sale, including the Indiana flag, so you can’t go wrong getting your very own flag from us.

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