10 Simple Ways To Showcase Your Patriotism

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10 Simple Ways To Showcase Your Patriotism
10 simple ways to showcase your patriotism

The US is a big country with almost 350 million people. With so much land and so many people, there’s a lot to love, but it can often seem like there aren’t that many ways to showcase your love of country. Thankfully, there are some incredibly simple ways to showcase your patriotism, ranging from small acts to larger patriotic displays. If you love your country and want everyone to know, don’t hesitate to take these methods and show off your patriotism in new and exciting ways.

Support US Businesses

If you want to be patriotic, one of the best things you can do is support US businesses, specifically small and local businesses. While a chain like Pizza Hut has great food, you should consider focusing more on local mom-and-pop shops where your business makes more of a difference.

In addition to supporting restaurants, you can support US businesses in other ways. Going to farmers markets and buying local produce or hand-crafted items supports locals in your area instead of global chains that mass-produce items overseas.

When you funnel your US dollars into these US businesses, you do more to stimulate your country’s economy. A dollar to an international business often goes into profits for board members and executives. On the other hand, a dollar to a local small business helps them pay their bills and keep that dollar in circulation.

Get Politically Active

Voting is another incredibly effective way you can showcase your patriotism. When you have the opportunity to vote, you should and encourage others to do so too. It is a privilege in this country, and if you’re not voting, you’re not letting your voice be heard.

In addition to voting, you can get politically active in other ways. Consider going to a local city council or school board meeting if you’re a parent. Being politically active at the local level is not something every US citizen does, but it’s a great way to support your local government.

Cheer for Your National Athletes

Patriotism extends to US sports, and when our teams compete overseas, they need all the support and cheering they can get. When it comes time for a US team to go against the rest of the world, you should support your team as much as you can.

For international sports, there aren’t too many events. But when the Olympics and World Cup come around, you can encourage your friends and family to cheer as much as possible. In addition to national teams, you can support national athletes like wrestlers or boxers, as these individuals often compete against athletes from other countries.

Celebrate National Holidays

The US has a lot to celebrate, and there are some designated days for celebration, such as national holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. These holidays are wonderful opportunities to go above and beyond in celebrating your country. On these days, you can get your friends and family together to play games, eat food, and shoot fireworks, all while remembering the reason behind the holiday.

Pay Your Taxes

No one enjoys paying taxes, but paying them dutifully is something patriotic you can do and encourage others to do as well. Taxes fund important public services and pay federal employees. Failing to pay taxes at all or in their entirety makes life harder for your fellow citizens. Though it’s no fun to see money leave your bank account, you also ultimately benefit from the payments. For example, some of those tax dollars pay for the maintenance of the roads you drive on or subsidies for farmers to get you your produce for reasonable prices.

Advocate for Positive Change

If you want to be patriotic and support your country, you must also recognize and work to change the existing faults. Advocating for positive change encourages your home and country to live up to its potential. For example, your tax dollars should go toward positive things like road maintenance. As a citizen, you’re entitled to raise your voice when that money isn’t going where it should.

Support Veterans

Veterans are some of the most important people in this country, but it’s easy for them to fall through the cracks despite their importance. There are programs meant to help veterans, but they often need more support. If you can, one of the best ways to showcase your patriotism is by supporting veterans in any way you can. That can come in the form of financial donations, but you can also volunteer and give your time to helping these people.

Volunteer and Donate

Speaking of volunteering, this is one of the best things you can do because it lets you give back to your local community. Small actions make the biggest difference, whether a small donation of time to a food bank or a clothing donation to shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

How do volunteering and donating relate to patriotism? Like supporting veterans, paying taxes, and advocating for change, you are putting yourself out there and working to improve your country. Volunteering can seem insignificant, but it makes a big difference.

Support National Parks

You may not be able to do this every day, but you should support national parks whenever you can. They are great spots to visit whenever you’re traveling across this beautiful country, but your patronage only does so much for them. In addition to visiting the parks, consider shopping at the national park stores or even supporting them with small donations. A little bit of support like this can go a long way in helping preserve the natural beauty of these parks.

Get a Flag

One of the clearest and best ways to showcase your patriotism is by getting a US flag and raising it high for the world to see. Flags are a standard symbol of patriotism, but they’re an effective one. A flagpole with your flag is something that will garner attention all year long, cementing your status as a US citizen who loves your country.

Don’t be afraid to show your love for your country by showcasing your patriotism in one of these many simple ways. However, remember that patriotism can also be personal, so be patriotic in your own way. That might mean flying flags for soldiers along with your US flag. At Flags USA, we have all the high-quality flags you could ever need, both indoor and outdoor, so showcasing your patriotism with us is easy!

10 simple ways to showcase your patriotism

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