How to Prolong the Life of Your Flag

Reinforcing and repairing your flag can increase the lifespan of your flag and it has significant savings.

Reinforce and Repair

Large flags are expensive and at the heights they are flown, the wind can be brutal, causing them to wear quickly (sometimes less than 30 days). Circumstances which cause flags to wear quickly are high winds, rain, snow, pollution, rough surfaces or sharp objects.

To receive maximum wear from larger flags (8x12’ and larger) in high wind circumstances, we offer our customers a service to reinforce and repair. Depending on your circumstances, just reinforcing a larger flag can add 20% or more to the life of the flag. Adding the benefit of repairing a torn flag, you may get two to three times the life out of your original purchase. On large flags, reinforcing and repairing is cost effective.

Pulled threads on the flag indicate that the flag is catching on something. It is important to eliminate hazards that destroy flags. Check for the following:

  • Rough surfaces that the flag may come in contact with, such as buildings, trees, wire, cables
  • Inspect the rope, snap hooks, beaded retainer ring, counterweight or the flagpole itself for any sharp or rough object that may come in contact with the flag

R&R Program

Purchase our reinforced flags. The fly end seam is reinforced, a corner patch is added and additional rows of zig zag stitching are added to the last few feet of the flag.

Rotate your flags. Fly one while another is being repaired. When a flag is repaired, the part that is torn is cut off, the raw edge is folded over and resewn. If the reinforcing option is requested, the fly end is reinforced, corner patches and zig zag stitching is added.

If a flag is replaced at the first signs of wear, it is possible to get two repairs per flag, which becomes an enormous cost savings (see the example below). A flag will not be repaired when so much of the end is cut off that it will no longer be in an acceptable proportion.

Please note that our Reinforce and Repair program is only available on flags that have been purchased from Flags USA.
Please call us 866-879-1776 for more information on our repair program.
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