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The American flag is much more than a representation of freedom. For some, a folded flag is a memorial to their loved one who served this country or a token of respect for our fallen military service members. Displaying a folded flag is usually done with the help of a flag case or shadowbox that can be seamlessly added to your home decor.

How Do You Properly Fold the American Flag?

It will take two people to fold the flag properly, ensuring it doesn’t touch the ground during the process. First, fold the flag in half lengthwise, covering the stars with stripes. Then, fold it in half lengthwise again to expose the stars.

Starting on the side with the stripes, begin folding into right triangles at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the process until there is one fold left. Perform one triangular fold from the stars end and tightly tuck the new fold into the remainder. Nothing should show but the stars.

When Should You Display a Folded Flag?

While you can display your folded flag on a mantel or shelf in your home year-round, some people choose to display it on special occasions reserved for honoring our country and veterans. This could be on national holidays, the veteran’s birthday, or any other date particular to their life.

What is a Flag Case?

A flag case is a container for displaying the American flag. Flag cases are traditionally made of wood or metal and are designed to protect your treasured flag from dust and environmental damage. Some flag cases have glass doors that allow you to see both sides of your folded flag, while other styles keep both sides enclosed so they don’t get damaged while they’re stored.

Which Flag Case Should You Buy?

When purchasing a flag case, you’ll want to make sure that it’s large enough to properly display your folded flag, so check the sizing parameters. Flag cases are often made of wood or metal, but you can also purchase plastic ones if those materials aren’t your preference. If you don’t have access to the memorial flag of a loved one, you can purchase high-quality American flags for sale online and display them in your home.

What Kind of Light Should a Flag Case Have?

The light source should be diffused. You don’t want a glaring fluorescent light on your folded flag. For indoor display cases, the best way to achieve this is through an incandescent bulb with a shade or dome that diffuses the light. Because you want to keep your flag in good condition and preserve its colors, you need a very low-wattage bulb that won’t fade or damage the fabric.

As a country, we fly our flag high above all others in a show of honor. However, each folded flag holds a heavy weight; it represents a life. We hope this article has helped you understand how to properly display the American flag in a way that shows respect for our nation’s symbols and the lives they represent.

Factors to consider when buying a flagpole for your home

If you’re looking for a flagpole to put in your yard, you must consider many things. If you make an intelligent purchase, you can save money and avoid headaches. Getting the correct outdoor residential flagpole will ensure it will withstand weather conditions. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a flagpole for your home.

The Type of Flagpole

There are many different types of flagpoles. If you want to show your patriotism by flying your flag, then you’re in luck. There’s an option for nearly every situation. Flagpoles can go on a rooftop, balcony, or yard. Additionally, some homeowners mount their residential flagpole on an existing structure, such as a porch railing or gazebo.

The most common type of commercial flagpole is the metal tubular steel variety that has undergone testing for use in harsh weather conditions.

The Size and Height

The size and height are very important factors to consider when buying a flagpole for your home. The height of the flagpole should be proportional to the size and style of your house. When choosing your pole, you want to know the exact measurements of the flag you plan to display.

The Style and Color

The flagpole style is important because it can determine your home's aesthetic appeal and theme. The color of the flagpole won't vary greatly but can impact your curb appeal. What kind of message do you want to send?

There are many different options when it comes to materials, designs, and finishes that are available at affordable prices. You should take advantage of these options when considering which one might suit your needs best.

Where To Install the Flagpole

It’s important to install your flagpole in the right location. The pole should never stand directly on a roof. Instead, it should attach to it via brackets. If you have animals around, you may want to install the flagpole above an area where they can’t reach it. This will prevent them from tearing down your flags or even possibly damaging the pole itself! Remember that when installing a new flagpole outside of a rented home or an apartment building, you should check with management before doing so. Not all buildings allow this type of alteration without permission first.

Fly Your Flag

We hope that this article has helped you in your quest to find the right flagpole for your home. You'll need to consider a few different factors before making a purchase, but it's worth the effort because having one will add lots of character and charm to your property.

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