Custom flagsDid you know that the history of flags go back over 3,000 years? They were originally only used to herald a knight in battle, but soon became more common around the world as signs and sails for ships. Today, they are popular both for identification purposes, and also for decoration.

Flags have come a long way since they first appeared as a part of war. Here are three ways you can use traditional or custom flags in your own life.

1. As an Advertisement for a Business

2. Patriotism

3. Custom Outdoor Flags

Custom printed flags

One easy way to add color to your home or celebrations is by displaying a flag. Decorative flags can be a great addition to your garden, party, or business. Styles range from the highly traditional American flags, to uniquely shaped custom logo flags used by businesses to advertise their products and sales.

How You Can Use Custom Printed Flags to Advertise Your Business

When to Use Different Types of Flags

What has your business used 
custom printed flags to advertise? Let us know in the comments.

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